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Sanom Beach Koh Lipe Beach Resort

From authenticity and tradition.

Sanom Beach Resort is he perfect place to mix the new times with old traditions.

About Us

Jeang, Owner of Sanom Beach Lipe Resort

The story of Jeang and Sanom Beach Lipe Resort.

My name is Jeang and I'm the owner at Sanom Beach Lipe Resort. I was born in Koh Lipe, same as my parents and my sons. We all are members of the Urak Lawoi community and have been inhabiting the island and surroundings for the last century. In retrospect, things have changed drastically for my people, and the people of Koh Lipe. 


Traditionally, even up until this day, we have worked sea-jobs. But, around 10 years ago, we suspected that we would need to be prepare for new times. And thus was born the Sanom Beach Resort concept; a place to mix the new times with old traditions. Although it is utopian, here at Sanom Beach Lipe Resort, the words "tourism" and "sustainable" are synonymous.

The Hidden Beach Resort

One of the last locally run resorts in Koh Lipe.

Yes, it is possible to promote tourism that respects the environment and also have sustainable development of the local communities and their economies. To keep the charming atmosphere of the beach and to avoid mass tourism, we've opted-out of using traditional OTA's (Online Travel Agents) or any third parties agencies.


We rather rely on the word-of-mouth as our marketing strategy.

This way we can contain the price inflation due to the high commissions charged by these third parties. With just a 10 minute walk to our beach and to the shopping street, and a 15 minute walk to Sunrise Beach, all you'll need is your feet for transportation.

Sanom Beach Koh Lipe Beach Resor6t
Sanom Beach Koh Lipe Beach Resort
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